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Petaja Law offers aggressive representation in a confidential setting.  Initial consultation is always free.  I provide representation that is fair, straightforward, and affordable.  



As an experienced trial attorney I understand the importance of getting results.  Being arrested is one of the most frightening and demeaning events a person can face.  Whether facing a misdemeanor or felony, I can provide aggressive representation from the initial appearance through trial and, if necessary, appeal.


Specializing in:

  • DUI Defense. DUI has become one of the most aggressively funded and pursued endeavors of law enforcement.  Petaja Law provides strong representation in all phases of DUI defense.  License restoration on refusal cases.  Motions to suppress an illegal vehicle stop.  Challenging the Intoxilyzer.  Jury trial.  Going to trial is becoming more and more necessary in today's DUI atmosphere.
  • PFMA Defense. Montana Law favors arrest in domestic violence investigations.  This has led to an increase of false arrests.  Under federal law, a person can lose their right to possess firearms even if convicted of a misdemeanor PFMA charge.  It is imperative that you have aggressive representation in PFMA cases.
  • Self-Defense Assault Cases.  Montana has strong constitutional and natural rights to defend one's self from the use of force against them.  Under Montana Law the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt one was not justified in using force to protect one's self.  As a trial lawyer with experience in self-defense cases, I have the knowledge to successfully defend assault cases with justifiable use of force at trial.
  • Drug Offenses.  Drug charges often involve unconstitutional searches and seizures by law enforcement. Petaja Law brings specialized knowledge in the changes in Montana Law regarding eavesdropping and confidential informants.  Successfully suppressing evidence in drug cases often leads to dismissal of charges.
  • Felony Offenses.  Get tough on crime rhetoric has led to an increase in unfair sentences in felony cases. Petaja Law brings knowledge of the courts and prosecutors in Gallatin County.  Experts and additional counsel are utilized in these cases to ensure the right results.
  • Driving While Suspended.  Under Montana Law, Driving While Suspended carries mandatory jail time. All too often today, individuals licenses are suspended unbeknownst to them.  At Petaja Law, I understand the most important thing is to keep you out of jail and get you back driving legally.  Regardless of whether you have been charged, I can assist you in getting your license restored depending on your circumstances.       

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